Confederation: Competing Perspectives. A 2-volume Edited Collection

A joint initiative between faculty at the University of Toronto and York University, this collection compiles some of the most influential scholarship on the origins and nature of the 1867 Confederation agreement. The two volume collection is forthcoming with the University of Toronto Press in English and Les Presses de l’Université Laval in French.

Roads to Confederation
The Making of Canada, 1867

Volume One. Edited by, Jacqueline D. Krikorian, David R. Cameron, Marcel Martel, Andrew W. McDougall, and Robert C. Vipond

with a foreword by Meric S. Gertler, Rhonda L. Lenton, and Mamdouh Shoukri


Volume One

I Confederation and Its Scholarship: Four Approaches to the Study of Confederation
Jacqueline D. Krikorian, David R. Cameron, Marcel Martel, Andrew W. McDougall, and Robert C. Vipond

II Other Voices Other Stories
1. A Concise History of Canada’s First Nations, Olive Patricia Dickason and William Newbigging
2. Displacement and Assimilation, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
3. Gender and the Confederation Debates, Kathryn McPherson
4. French Canada and Confederation: the Acadians of New Brunswick, Gaétan Migneault

III The Ideas of Confederation
1. Constitutional Odyssey: Can Canadians Become a Sovereign People?, Peter H. Russell
2. Reference re. Secession of Quebec
3. The Canadian Founding, John Locke and Parliament, Janet Ajzenstat
4. Social History of Ideas in Quebec, 1760-1896, Yvan Lamonde
5. Federalism as a Way of Life: Reflections on the Canadian Experiment, Samuel V. LaSelva
6. 1787 and 1867: The Federal Principle and Canadian Confederation Reconsidered, Robert C. Vipond

IV One New Nation, Two Founding Nations or a Compact of Provinces?
1. Conservatism and National Unity, D.G. Creighton
2. The Genesis of Provincial Rights, Norman McL. Rogers
3. Confederation: A Pact or a Law?, Richard Arès
4. The Nature of Confederation, Royal Commission of Inquiry on Constitutional Problems (Tremblay Report)
5. Quebec and Confederation: Past and Present, Ramsay Cook
6. The Invention of a Myth, The Pact Between Two Founding Peoples, Stéphane Paquin

Volume Two

V From Canada East to Quebec
1. The French Canadians and the Birth of Confederation, Jean Charles Bonenfant
2. French Canadians and the Founding of Confederation, Lionel Groulx
3. The Negation of a Nation. The Quebec Cultural Identity and Canadian Federalism, Eugénie Brouillet
4. Canada and Its Aims, According to Macdonald, Laurier, Mackenzie King and Trudeau, Stéphane Kelly
5. The French Canadian Idea of Confederation, 1864-1900, A.I. Silver

VI The East, Ontario and the West
1. The Life and Times of Confederation, 1864-1867 (Nova Scotia), P.B. Waite
2. New Brunswick’s Entrance into Confederation, George E. Wilson
3. The Maritimes and Confederation: A Reassessment, Phillip Buckner
4. The Maritimes and Confederation, P.B. Waite
5. George Brown, J.M.S. Careless
6. The West and Confederation, W. L. Morton
7. Promise of Eden: The Canadian Expansionist Movement and the Idea of the West, 1856-1900, Doug Owram

VII The Geopolitics of Confederation
1. Confederation; or, The Political and Parliamentary History of Canada from the Conference at Quebec, in October, 1864, to the Admission of British Columbia, in July, 1871, John Hamilton Gray
2. British Policy in Canadian Confederation, Chester Martin
3. Britain’s Withdrawal from North America, 1864–1871, C.P. Stacey
4. The United States and Confederation, Yves Roby
5. Seward’s Attempt to Annex British Columbia, 1865-1869, David E. Shi

VIII 1867: A Formative Event?
1. Unequal Union: Confederation and the Roots of Conflict in the Canadas, 1815-1873, Stanley B. Ryerson
2. On the Edge of Empire: Gender, Race and the Making of British Columbia, 1849-1871, Adele Perry
3. The Origins of Quebec Society, Fernand Dumont
4. The Liberal Order Framework: A Prospectus for a Reconnaissance of Canadian History, Ian McKay
5. Clearing the Plains: disease, politics of starvation and the loss of Aboriginal Life, James W. Daschuk

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